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What is Crypto?

Our Project

MINI DANE - Cute, Fun, and Fully Decentralized!

Mini Dane is a fully decentralized token running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Mini Dane is not only fast, efficient and designed for any transaction, but will play a key role in our efforts to expand Cryptocurrency on a world-wide scale, especially in areas stricken by poverty.

Our Current Accomplishments as of April 2022

  • - Our first airdrop campaign via GokuMarket
  • - Rundirect airdrop campaign via gleam
  • ⁃ Achieved first Tier 3 listing (Vindax)
  • ⁃ Achieved first Tier 2 listing (GokuMarket)
  • ⁃ Initiated and expanded liquidity pool on pancakeswap.
  • ⁃ Successfully added MiniDane to: Nomics, Blockspot, Coinhunters, Coindiscovery, Watcher.guru
  • ⁃ Applied for CMC, CG, Paprika list
  • ⁃ First use case utility partnership
  • ⁃ Raised $5k+ in IEO Fundraising
  • ⁃ Added to Ataix for vote-for-listing
  • ⁃ Average trade volume far exceeding any new token added to Gokumarket
  • ⁃ Website redesign
  • ⁃ Added a new admin and two new moderators to the projects telegram channel
  • - Burned 88.5 Trillion MiniDane - 🔥 Txhash
What is Crypto?


Q4 - 2021
Mini Dane is born - Raise Capital through IEO
Q1 - 2022
Listing on GokuMarket, PancakeSwap, PooCoin. CoinMarketCap(CMC) Application Summited
Q2 - 2022
88.5 Trillion MiniDane Burned, Begin Development - Proprietary Use Case Platform, list on Top 40 Exchanges Live Now
Q3 - 2022
Testing begins for use case Platform
Q4 - 2022
Use case platform launches to the public, list on KuCoin
Q1 - 2023

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Liquidity, Contract And Burn Address

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Contract BscScan - 0xC03d30fE8115D61044C0313a0A58b614741aE85D

Burn Wallet 🔥 - 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

Vote for Mini Dane Listings!

In this section we will show case the exchanges that are Vote for Listings

A quick explanation of how Vote for Listing works..

  • With Vote For Listing you’ll be buying that Exchanges native token/coin.
  • You’ll then use it to Vote for a project in their Voting section, in this case you will be voting for #MiniDane.
  • The more of that Exchanges token/coin you vote with, the more Votes Our Project will receive!


Currently Live Vote For Mini Dane Listings!

Vote Now on TxBit.io to get Listed!

  • 👉 Go to TxBit.io, log in or create an account, buy #TxBitTokens, and vote for #MINIDANE

Vote Now on Exbitron to get #MiniDane Listed!

  • 👉 Go to Exbitron, log in or create an account, buy #Exbitron, and vote for #MINIDANE


***Bonus Rewards to Voting***

  • Most of the Vote For Listing sites will distribute Bags of MiniDane amongst the users that voted after a successful win.

Our Partners

What is Crypto?

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Have any questions, or found an error on our website? Let us know!

Email: pus@minidane.org